About Us


BMA Engineering, Inc. (BMA) develops high-quality products and offers outstanding services to meet specialty needs in reliability, risk and uncertainty analysis, and development of mitigation actions and making appropriate decisions.  These specialized, unique, customized, high-quality products and services are based on the state-of-the-art technologies in reliability, risk and uncertainty analysis offered by world-renowned experts.  The objective of BMA is to provide its clients with products and services appropriate to their specific needs, in a timely manner with high quality.  Following preliminary studies with an assessment of a client’s needs, unique programs and individual solutions are developed, drawing upon the past experiences of both the client and the professional staff of BMA.


 Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simply summed up as to develop technologies for intelligent decision making.


 Our History

BMA, founded in 1988, with its associates, has full in-house capabilities and experience in many specialty areas. Its clients include governmental agencies, international organizations, and the private sector including nonprofit organizations.